O’Hanlon Stage School | Weekly Dance Classes

O’Hanlon Stage School runs weekly dance and drama classes for children of all ages from 4 to 18 in locations right across Dublin, including Terenure, Cabinteely, Stillorgan and Tallaght. These typically run in parallel with school term and break during the longer holiday intervals, such as mid term, Christmas, etc. We also run Summer Camps during the long Summer Holidays.

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Tinkerbells & Peter Pans (4-5)

This is our introduction class. Within this class students develop communication skills, rhythm, song words, imagination and mime. This is an upbeat, high energy class to keep up with their active, fast moving minds. Includes dances to all the popular Disney and pop tunes.

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Thumbelinas & Pirates (6-7)

Beginning structure and class layout. Within this class our students start learning the basic structure of a performing arts class. We introduce poetry, group exams, hip hop , and improvisation. The students also play a variety of games in order to develop listening skills, communication skills and discovering their natural creativity.

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Poppies (8-9)

Students begin class with a high energy and stretch warm up. Within the warm up they start basic ballet techniques, e.g. positions of the feet and spotting. We also introduce lyrical dance. Students learn the formations in dance, harmony in singing, and they begin working with scripts.

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Sunflowers (10-13)

Classes start with an intense warm up. Students then undergo many exercises in order to get the best stretch. They learn pirouette, splits and many across the floor combinations. Students begin creating dances within this group. Theatre trips and guest tutors are also introduced. Students play memory games to help develop skills in memorising. They learn how to devise a script. Broadway tap, and jazz funk are also enjoyed.

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Roses (14-18)

Students have the opportunity to participate in our London trips, along with various dance workshops. Students will be learning all various styles of dance. Students perform for a week in our shows. They will be introduced to popping, jazz, hip hop, and make-up skills. This class is split up so it is suitable for all standards.