O’Hanlon Stage School | A History

O’Hanlon Stage School was established in 1985 by Emer O’Hanlon and her sister Anne. What they were doing just came naturally to them - dancing, singing and sharing a love of the arts with the children who flocked to their classes. That first school was located at the Community Centre in Old Bawn - the first of many.

Now, 30 years later there are several schools dotted across South Dublin, with many of the students going on to pursue a professional career in the arts. Perhaps an indication of the schools age and reputation is the fact that many of today’s students are children of former students … and so the tradition continues!

Emer, who runs the school today with her daughter Rachel, has been surrounded by children for 30 years. Her philosophy has always been that each child is unique. Many of her pupils may choose careers within the creative arts but more importantly each child leaves the school having gained in grace and confidence. When Emer started the school, she had a dream - A dream she changed into reality day by day over months and years. This is not a school where you become famous. You are famous right from the start!